How it started:

R.A. Serafini was founded by the late Bob Serafini with his wife Doris Serafini in 1968 in Tonawanada N.Y. They moved their family from Buffalo, N.Y. to Gastonia, N.C. to continue their business in 1976. With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality production, R.A. Serafini, Inc provides exceptional service and responsiveness to our customers by solving problems creatively, and by enhancing our environment through conservation and responsible manufacturing. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and 21-CFR compliant for food contact surfaces.
Here at R.A. Serafini, we are dedicated to providing excellence to our customers, by providing quality products on time and free of defects. We are able to succeed in every aspect of quality with the help of all of our employees who also share the same passion and pride in our products.

Identifying solutions quickly.

Award winning with our customers.

Analytics providing insights.

Creative thinking and know how

Meet the team.

We pride ourselves on our workplace environment.

Employees have the chance to grow and learn more within our company. We seek to keep the knowledge of our processes alive within our team members.

On site warehousing, tooling maintenance, combined with our mold building partners, allows us to handle a variety of new tooling programs, from single part low volume tooling programs to high cavitations high volume production molds. We have rapid part sampling and product development, with 24-hour operation focusing on strict process control and product traceability. Celebrating 55 years of manufacturing excellence.

CMM measurement capabilities
MFI testing
Microscope inspection
Keyence measurement capabilities

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We consistently meet the ISO standards of operation every year. 

We are HUB certified NC State women owned business. We are an equal opportunity employer and have diversification among our employees. We strive to identify any employees with leadership potential regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. 

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Customer Satisfaction

Our customer feedback is always positive with emphasis on R.A. Serafini always going above and beyond even with last minute changes.

R.A. Serafini provides consistent quality that meets our needs! R.A. Serafini always delivers on time, and it is greatly appreciated when you guys can do rush orders for us and always meet our needs.

R.A. Serafini goes above and beyond to ensure the quality specifications are met and consistent.

R.A. Serafini absolutely 100% provides consistent quality that meets our needs. R.A. Serafini 1000% provides on time delivery of products even with last minute changes, Serafini always delivers!!